Sultan is a 2016 Bollywood sports drama film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, starring Salman Khan in the titular role alongside Anushka Sharma. The film takes the audience on a rollercoaster journey of strength, love, redemption, and self-discovery. Sultan Ali Khan, a former wrestler, faces numerous challenges both in his personal and professional life, ultimately leading to his quest for redemption and glory.

Plot Overview

The movie revolves around Sultan, a middle-aged wrestler who has left behind his passion due to certain circumstances. His love interest, Aarfa, played by Anushka Sharma, is an ambitious wrestler who aspires to win an Olympic gold medal for India. Sultan, in a bid to impress Aarfa and win her heart, decides to make a comeback in wrestling. He embarks on a grueling journey of training and self-discovery, overcoming obstacles both on and off the wrestling mat.

Strength and Determination

One of the central themes of Sultan is strength. Sultan exemplifies physical strength as a wrestler, but his true strength lies in his determination and willpower to overcome challenges. The movie beautifully portrays how Sultan channels his inner strength to rise above his failures and shortcomings, eventually achieving success not just in wrestling but also in life.

Redemption and Self-Discovery

As Sultan sets foot on the path of redemption, he not only strives to reclaim his lost glory in wrestling but also seeks to redeem himself from past mistakes. His journey is not just about winning matches but about finding his true self and realizing his full potential. Through hard work, perseverance, and the support of his loved ones, Sultan undergoes a transformation that goes beyond the wrestling arena.

Love and Relationships

The film also delves into the theme of love and relationships. Sultan’s love for Aarfa is a driving force that propels him to push his boundaries and make a comeback in wrestling. Their relationship undergoes trials and tribulations, but ultimately, it is their love that sustains them through the toughest of times. The movie beautifully captures the dynamics of relationships and the sacrifices one makes for the ones they love.

Success and Glory

As Sultan trains rigorously and participates in wrestling competitions, he not only wins matches but also wins the hearts of the audience. His journey from a fallen wrestler to a champion is a tale of success and glory that inspires not only those around him but also the viewers. The film emphasizes that success is not just about winning medals but about conquering one’s inner demons and emerging victorious in the face of adversity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Sultan based on a true story?
Sultan is a work of fiction and is not based on a true story. However, the film draws inspiration from real-life wrestling events and the struggles faced by athletes in their quest for success.

2. What was the box office performance of Sultan?
Sultan was a commercial success, earning over 600 crore INR worldwide. It was one of the highest-grossing Indian films of 2016.

3. How did Salman Khan prepare for his role in Sultan?
Salman Khan underwent extensive training in wrestling and gained weight to portray the character of Sultan realistically. He worked with professional wrestlers and coaches to master the techniques and nuances of the sport.

4. What makes Sultan different from other Bollywood sports films?
Sultan stands out for its nuanced portrayal of characters, emotional depth, and realistic depiction of the sport of wrestling. The film focuses not just on the physical aspects of wrestling but also on the emotional journey of the protagonist.

5. What are some key themes explored in Sultan?
Sultan explores themes such as strength, determination, redemption, love, relationships, success, and glory. The film delves into the complexities of human emotions and the resilience of the human spirit.


Sultan is a cinematic masterpiece that captivates the audience with its powerful narrative, compelling performances, and emotional depth. The film not only entertains but also inspires, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Through the journey of Sultan Ali Khan, audiences are reminded of the power of strength, redemption, and love in transforming lives and achieving greatness. Sultan is a timeless tale of resilience and triumph that continues to resonate with audiences around the world.

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