Write to Us: Fashion Blogs Guest Post Submissions

So, while we do not want your post to be boring, we also do not accept very short articles that just scratch the surface. Moreover, search engines like articles that are long and well-cooked. So, we prefer guest post pitches with 1500 words or more that discuss the topic in detail without being bland or repetitive.

Submissions may include images that complement the content . If you provide images, please include a short statement about the related copyright and rights of use. Writing about fashion, beauty and style requires lots of effort and dedication. You have to stay on top of latest fashion trends pay attention to fashion related events and the ability to express yourself in a lucid and beautiful way. Being an international Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, your guest post can be read in different parts of the world and in different languages, such as Spanish and Dutch. You can submit your articles in .txt file, or Microsoft Word Document.

Writers should include sub-headings to make the article scannable and more readable. Apart from this, for emphasis, all sub-heading should be question format. For credibility, we suggest you include links, statistics, and recent studies data. Also, do include bullets and headers in the post. The content should be relevant to the topic and should clearly define it. Alongside, make sure that it does not violate any copyright issues.

As a fashion blogger, you must be aware that the blogs you will be submitting will help others in making better decisions. So, it becomes essential to share the true information and knowledge through your blogs. Once, you are done with writing the blog, you have to follow some of the below-mentioned guidelines to submit the post. Above these are the top fashion blog who accept guest post, here you can submit a guest post without any of cost. The Mom News Daily team is always looking for great contributors.

We are sorry if you feel like you wasted your time writing an article just for us to reject it. After the submission of the guest post, your task is over. It’s time for us to get into work as we individually check each guest post received by us, to make it a perfect one before it is ready for posting.

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