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No, sorry, we can only publish articles that are 100% unique. The page is a bit long and the requirements a bit stiff, but we feel it’s necessary to reduce spam submissions. If we think it’s the right fit, we’ll be in touch to discuss the next steps and anything else we need to publish your post. These links must be relevant to the topic of your article, and they should add value for our readers. For writers interested in submitting stories to Alpha Men Asia please contact the editorial team here.

FYI, we are a budget travel blog, so leave the luxury at home in your mansion or on your yacht. We will NOT publish your pre-written post, even if you pay us. Do not ask us what our rates are, they do not exist because we don’t do that . Don’t bother emailing us either – you will not get a response from us, and we will send your email to spam where it belongs.

The Art of Travel is one of the largest travel media and publication houses, a hybrid of a travel encyclopedia, FREE destination travel guides, and long-form travelblogs. We may add recommendations based on what we know is the best fit for our readers, and we may do so at any time – even after publishing your post. If that’s a deal-breaker, unfortunately, this opportunity may not be for you. If you are interested in a sponsored post, please read the criteria for posting and contact me for further information. Sponsored posts will be marked as no-follow to comply with search engine compliance requests.

We’d love to publish articles that will enlighten our readers, show them new, exciting places to visit and showcase the best events around the world. We broadly cover places, food, people, events and culture of travel. See which of these you can best fit into your travel writing or other creative content and contribute to us. We usually accept most of the advertisement guest posts if they are within our niche and don’t violate our guidelines.

Contact us for being featured as a travel blogger and writer. Once you have made the requested edits on your document, our editorial team will put the finishing touches and we will inform you once it has been published. Once the guest post has been published, it will be on our website for a long time for readers. Also, we reserve the right to make changes as we think are required to maintain article standards and ensure they are suitable for our website. Our readers want to be introduced to you before they dive into your amazing post, so give them a little bio with some context about who you are and what makes you a destination expert! Feel free to plug your social media, website, or blog in here as well (note that links will be no-follow unless you are forgoing your writer’s fee).

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