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Also, it is not necessary that people express their opinions only, but it could be some knowledge too, just so other people could gain benefits from it. It could be related to lifestyle, traveling and even you write about health and fitness for us. Writing is the best platform to let the inner self out. We are here to provide you with the best opportunity to write for us. This is going to open your mind and going to help you with writing skills as well because not everyone is capable of writing.

As parents, farmers, or chefs, they’ve been practicing whole-health nutrition successfully in their own lives for years. Many are whole-health practitioners, consultants, or educators who are also exceptional presenters, teachers, or writers. Their credentials, visibility, and life experience make them well-prepared to help us promote their books effectively. We want to inspire our readers with knowledge of physical health and mental wellness.

A piece of content only with stories, not the information is not suitable for readers and does not answer their queries. In case you add any kind of stat or case study, don’t forget to provide references. Unique content – Please only submit new posts that haven’t already been published on other websites or outlets. Vibrant Life is looking for positive, beneficial stories on all aspects of health and wellness, from physical and mental health to spiritual wellbeing. You can submit completed articles via email to editor Heather Quintana. This publication has a quarterly in addition to its online version.

We will submit any content edits to you for approval before moving on to copy edits. If a post needs revision, we will return it to you with suggestions. If you are new to writing and/or writing blog posts, we will assist you as much as possible. We are particularly interested in sharing research that highlights the proven benefits of nutrient complexes derived from whole foods and whole food supplements.

Ensure that you do not violate copyright when using images, always give credit when needed. Once your article has been published on our blog, you cannot publish it anywhere else, including your own blog. Your article cannot be deleted after we have published it.

You can choose different topics to write for our website and this can enhance your writing skills to a great extent. Not only this, you will get a hold of creative writing as well. Don’t let this inner world disrupt your talent just because you cannot find a place to publish your writings. We uplift every individual who has got the talent of writing. Have you ever wanted to help guide people in their quest for superior nutrition? Would you like to share your insights with a larger audience?

We aim to give our readers the most exquisite information on healthy lifestyle concerns covering the content for their holistic journey to wellness. We focus on health, Fitness, mental health, Diet, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition, and home remedies categories too to maintain a stable way of living. Thus you can write for us in a way more innovative for a joyful and satisfying life that could help people achieve optimum health.

We understand backlinks and the motivation behind them. And We’re protective of ours, but we’ll still share our “link juice” in exchange for quality content. We allow a maximum of 1 backlink to your website or blog if it is not pro-motive.

Do not begin any nutrition, health, exercise or training program without consulting with a Board Certified Medical Doctor and/or Registered Dietician first. As a trusted resource for health and wellness information, we are always looking for new content to feature on our site. If you are a health expert with something valuable to share, we want to hear from you. Please submit appropriate food images along with your content. High-quality content that is relevant, face-driven, research-based and easy for our audience to understand. Please include links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages as well as a link to a photo to include in your author bio.

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