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From the rise of the four-day week to supply chain risk to the journey to net zero, we want to tell the stories impacting leaders and driving change in the business world. We will not accept posts which are offensive, inappropriate, contain advertising or unnecessary links to other sites. Although there is no financial compensation for writing on the Happy Manager, you will benefit from your contribution.

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These interviews are also interspersed with his ‘Leadership Espresso Shots’ which are short episodes where he delivers is own advice to his listeners alongside summaries from his guests. Tanveer Naseer has been recognised by Inc. magazine as one of their Top 100 Leadership and Management Experts and one of their Top 100 Leadership Speakers and his blog shows why. Great advice and regular articles covering topics from how to lead when remote working, to the impact of AI, to measuring success and a bunch on how to foster the right mindset in your teams. Stay on top of our latest content with links to all the digital articles, videos, and podcasts published in the past 24 hours. We will not publish any advertorial, sales copy and articles containing excessive links as editorial, but you are allowed a biography, profile and link next to the article.

You may cancel at any time as outlined in our Cancellation/Refund Policy. Send us to our email the titles you have in mind and our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange the publication of your text. Texts cannot contain links to adult or gambling sites. ELQ typically publishes one out of ten manuscripts it receives each year. We will not publish anything that contains offensive language or content. Please provide any royalty free materials which you think help support the article.

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Articles should be written in conversational magazine format and may include opinions and suggestions. Many of the articles written for weLEAD Online Magazine are by the editor’s special request from leadership professionals. However, if you would like to write and submit an article for possible publication in the magazine, here are the following guidelines and requirements. Thank you for your interest in contributing to Ivy Exec!

We’re looking for industry professionals who are passionate to submit thought leadership articles to our blog. The articles can be on any technology on which we offer training . However, we prefer Tech Articles and Tutorials on the following technologies.

We are always on the look out for opportunities to feature original content on Resilient Leadership Academy. If you are interested in, through your writing, contributing to our collective understanding in the field of resilient leadership and self-leadership, we would love to hear from you. We will not accept posts which have been published to other sites. We accept original articles with content based on your professional experiences and expertise.

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