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It should contain detailed information about the topic. The write-up or any link in the article should not lead to a gaming/gambling – casino, cryptocurrency trade or adult content website. Headlines written byfollowing the guidelines mentioned here. All articles should be original and not copied from the internet even if it is your website.

Your qualifications/experience relevant to the proposed topic. WhosOn is a live chat solution designed for high-volume contact centres – with a particular focus on regulated, security-focused industries. By submitting this form, you agree to the storage and processing of your data through this site. Our editorial staff will give your blog a read and edit accordingly, after which they will contact you for final review.

We frequently highlight and tend to showcase guest writers on our technology blog. Please thoroughly study the guidelines before contacting us for a guest post for review. If you are a cyber-enthusiast like us, we welcome you to become a guest blogger on our platform.

When it comes to the Article, make sure the file is in Word, DOCX, or OTD format and close to 1000 words. Here are the guestposting guidelines that you must follow. Note- We may do minor edits to align the article to our audience’s needs and to make it SEO-friendly. Make sure to have a look through the blog so you don’t pitch an idea that’s already been written about previously. Though the links and article will be long-stay ones, but if needed, they may be taken down without prior notice.

Not having a cyber security plan would generate risk when developing commercial operations. For this reason, to manage and minimize hazards, it is vital to have one, to anticipate future scenarios concerning cyber attacks. We also offer sponsored guest post opportunities for companies who like to increase their online presence by supporting great content. However, we do not allow any advertisements — rather, we provide a way for you to add a link or a source. Cybersecurity is also important to prevent attacks that aim to disable or disrupt the operation of a system or device. Credible and constantly updated blogs, such as CyberGrace, are now a go-to source for the latest tech news, insider insights, and even the occasional irreverent humor.

Daily new users consult to seek help on the development of web applications and new technologies. Writing for us, you would be helping the community that has helped you before. As long as your article passes our quality check, it will surely be published on our site and has the chance to be promoted on different social media channels.

Well-formatted content divided in clear sections, which are marked with subheadings . A catchy introduction, which entices the reader to read the rest of the content. Opinion pieces, which advocate a change in the status quo or provide constructive criticism on a topic. 4) Send it to us and once it is of good quality (little or no spelling/grammar errors) it will be posted within the next week.

We’re not asking for an infographic, but throw one in if you are so inclined. Make pictures, tables, charts and lists readable on a mobile device as well. Avoid overly wide format, i.e. a screenshot will most likely be readable on a mobile when it has been taken on a mobile. Leadership, organizational structure or information security management related blog posts. We require biodata of the author, photo, and other details like email id, website links, and other outbound links to your social media profile.

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