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If you’re also very familiar with a game and think you can put together some guides, let us know. Depending on the quality of your first submission, you may get offered a writing position at HGG. Fill out the form below, indicating what game you want to create guides about. However, we can not ignore the fact that there are many of these traditional games that are not aimed at a child audience but are adults who have fun with them.

Add relevant links according to search engines that offer value to the readers. Irrelevant link adding for the sake of it is not appreciated. Adding links with appropriate anchor links is a must. DA and PA links are not rejected by us but links should be according to search engines. As digital natives, we were born and raised with gaming.

If you have written high-quality and well-researched blog posts on any topic, Online Game Business is the right place for you to submit your new guest post. Publishes engaging stories based on video game artists, fans, and culture. They previously listed pay as $0.25 per word, but now state that they pay both on effort and word count. ” They imply that they’ll be willing to pay a significant sum for the right kind of article.

We have provided above the detailed guidelines for the guest posts to be published on our blog. We are looking for writers with keen eyes and excellent communication skills to write guides for our audience. A good video game guide should be concise and provide gamers with exactly the information they’re looking for, as well as a reason to keep coming back to us for more info down the road. Is published by Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission.

There are certain guidelines for guest posting that have to be followed before submitting your samples. But what we expect from you is that when you start writing the post, you will keep both audience and Search Engine in your mind and will create the content according to that. To make sure both of us get the most out of your posts, you must submit them in this professional way. If you have a passion for sports and want the opportunity to share your ideas, opinions and knowledge while growing your portfolio of writing samples, Sports Then and Now has a place for you. The chances of approval of your guest post are quite higher if you are strictly following up on the guidelines of our blog.

It is traditionally a family game which is often played whenever there is a big festival or a big gathering of family members. It is also played among friends daily as something which is a preferred way of relaxation after the daily hustle. This has made carrom into one of the most liked games among all the generations.

We are extremely thankful for showing up your interest to contribute to this platform. We believe in quality writing and if you own the qualities of writing up unique quality content, you are more than welcome here. Once you’re invited to write for the site, we’ll provide a basic introduction to SEO, and a guide on how to format your work for publication. As a rule of thumb, we can normally negotiate and agree to allow reposts just a few days after Geek Native has published the piece. Geek Native pays $0.10 a word, including tax, on articles 750 words to 1,000 words. No additional payment is made for words beyond the 1,000 cap and so writers are encouraged to stay within the limits.

Raging Swan Press is a UK-based roleplaying game publisher that “specialises in producing products for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.” They want articles of 500 words. They pay 11 cents per word, up to a maximum of $55. Engadget is a source for technology news and reviews. They cover the intersection of gaming, technology, and entertainment. According to payment reports, they pay up to $0.25 per word.

I got a lot of helpful feedback from everyone, and I still love the approach GameSkinny has taken to games journalism. There’s no other site where you can write up an idea and within the day, get free editorial feedback and helpful suggestions, and maybe even end up on the front page. Thank God for GameSkinny, because I couldn’t have found a better place to help me improve my writing and get a new start. Contributing to GameSkinny was like a breath of fresh air. On most sites, you’re either a full-fledged member of the staff, or at best, you can blog independently amongst the community. Your blog post should be a minimum of 600 words and you can only add one of your link it that.

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