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If you can meet the above guidelines, send us your pitch at and we will get in touch with you. Any topic that doesn’t align with our niche – like ‘mobile marketing’, ’email marketing’ etc. First of all, thank you for showing an interest in contributing to our blog. We believe ‘sharing’ is a big part of building a community – and we welcome it. This is a B2B blog, with a heavy emphasis on SEO marketing. If you don’t, we’ll know, and your chances of publishing with us will drop.

You are welcome to submit articles in your area of expertise that fit into any of the categories below. If you want to advertise or sponsor a post on the blog for your company, brand, projects, products, or even share your story with us, please read this post first. Please add 1-2 links to articles on There is no limit on authority links or contextual links in the article. For example, links that you are using as a reference, credibility, etc.

It will ensure that your submission is properly reviewed. IF YOU ARE EMAILING FROM A Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail address, we will not reply. We are a professional business site and only highlight writing from professional sources. Content must be 100% unique and any articles with duplicate, spun, or unoriginal content will be rejected. We reserve the right to accept or reject any article for any reason at anytime.

If we do end up declining your article, we will explain why it isn’t a good fit for the Empire Flippers audience, so that you can submit elsewhere. Keep your paragraphs short and emphasize the important bits. Include images, screenshots, and visuals to break up the text and to provide context/color for reader. If you choose to contribute to the Empire Flippers blog as a guest poster, you will represent our brand and the entrepreneurial spirit we encourage.

However, if significant modifications are necessary on our end, we can implement such changes. If all goes according to plan, we will publish your piece within a week and send you an email containing a link to the published version. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, feel free to publish your guest post elsewhere. We at “The Business Goals” provide the finest research-based articles to help Entrepreneurs and Startup owners of all levels. Please supply specific sample titles or topics for the posts you’re most interested in writing. We reserve the right to format/edit the submitted articles.

Don’t use any irrelevant or misleading promotional links. The article topic must interesting and informative content that could capture the reader’s attention. We’re proud to be part of the Mediaplanet Empowering Small Business campaign! The COVID-19 pandemic brought hardship and ruin on the nation’s small businesses, but there’s now reason for hope.

In an effort to maintain the quality of our content, the BoostBlog has a set of standards for our guest writers. They give great in-depth advice about what we’re looking for on a micro scale. Submissions that don’t fit these guidelines in tone or style will not be considered. Here are some of the points to look, at before you contribute a guest blogging for zetran. You may include one link to your website or blog post, however, it should fit naturally and along with other tools mentioned.

It may include anything about marketing, for instance, If you are offering digital marketing services send us something on “how to write a digital marketing plan? It should be in an informative tone and place your keywords in a clever style. It is just an idea to understand the standard we are looking for. Startup life covers business, marketing, design, sales and general growth-related content, not directly related to the customer experience, but relevant to startups and new entrepreneurs. Take some time to figure out what questions, keywords, and topics readers may be searching on Google. The byline needs to go to someone in a relevant role, Sales Manager (for sales-related topics), Customer Success Manager .

We may remove the link on the author bio during the review. is a technology blog and opinion website about gadgets, software reviews, technology, E-commerce, and digital marketing. You are not permitted to re-publish any article submitted to our editorial team. We own all the published articles on the website

Please note that it usually takes us 48 hours to go through the submission, so please be patient. The content of OC Partnership is narrowly concentrated on business, finance, and real estate. We encourage writers from a wide variety of backgrounds to submit guest posts to our website. We are giving writers and small business owners an incredible opportunity to obtain widespread attention and a platform to share their insights with the world. You can contribute your useful content to our recognized webpage at competitive rates. We never skimp on quality because we believe it should come before quantity, and we never make exceptions to this rule.

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