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Think of your bio as your conduit to fame. Our magazines cover stories from around the world with our main focus on Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and New Zealand. Our writers range from the seasoned travel writer to the first time backpacker. All blogs will include a link to your own website or blog, and one of your social media profiles in your author bio.

Rates vary depending upon the complexity and demands of the article, as well as the proven experience of the writer. Our content reaches hundreds of thousands of unique readers every month on our site, newsletter and social channels. In short, you will get a lot of eyeballs. Please also include 5-10 photos that best showcase the adventure, hostel, gear,hiking, food, experience or destination you have chosen to write about. Please send us your story in full in a word document with photos, these should high resolution photos and relevant to the article submitted. If you are unsure of anything please contact us and we will try and help you out.

I’m guessting you’re one of them and you’d like to get your writing showcased here? All images and content submitted may be also used on other OAG platforms e.g. newsletter, social media. Make sure each and every word of the post is original, written by you. The blog-article should not be published elsewhere.

Blog posts should be well written and use proper grammar and be error free. Blog posts that require lot of editing will not be published. All articles must be original content.They must not have been posted previously anywhere on the internet. We’re looking for individuals who know a couple of things about hiking, camping, bike-packing, adventure sports, walking to stay active, and the outdoors. Do you have a passion for the outdoors and want to express yourself on a website dedicated solely to outdoor lovers? You will find a great opportunity to let your voice known via this platform, all you have to do is to check this out and you will find the results to be rather enticing and fun to say the least.

Let’s Go Play Outside is the best place for outdoor enthusiasts. Gravatar account and upload an image to your profile. Send us the email address used to set up this account. This will ensure that we can display your image in your post’s author profile. Pinterest pin created and shared using Tailwind.

All published content becomes the property of Roaming Spices. We, therefore, have the right to alter or delete content at our discretion. We treat our business very seriously and publish only well written/researched content. Join our growing network of hiking enthusiasts who write for us and help inspire others to “Go Hiking & Enjoy Nature”. If you would like to see a specific adventure or location added to the site, please let us know.

We include an author biography in each guest post. We need a few sentences telling our readers about yourself. If you have hiking/outdoors related social media accounts, you can send those as well. We are now accepting guest post submissions from bloggers and adventurers interested in having their work featured on our blog. We aren’t quite sure how frequently we will be featuring guest posts, but we want to leave the door open for skilled writers and photographers to have their work featured on our site. Please note that we plan on only posting high quality stuff, so there is no guarantee that a given submission will be accepted.

This section covers topics from poison ivy to snakebites to altitude sickness. Events and experiences could also be life list worthy. Making fresh chocolate fondue with wild blackberries. Freelancers most often break into BACKPACKER’s pages in the departments. These shorter assignments and mostly take a single topic within the scope of that section and cover it thoroughly. Again, the more take-away value for the reader, the more appropriate it is for BACKPACKER.

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