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Don’t copy paste others stuff while writing guest posts. It can really damage your online reputation and no one appreciates duplicate guest posts . Are you ready to find out the massive list of blogs that allow guest posts for free?

Most of the content centers around using deliberate practice, so think about how you can offer actionable advice to writers in your guest post. Keep my services in mind if you need help with your content marketing efforts or want me to proofread your guest post before you submit it. Reach out using the contact form via the link above or email me.

Of course, I’m also always looking for guest posts right here on Explore my Write For Us page to learn about the submission guidelines and pitch me your ideas. Writers Helping Writers is a blog with advice for new or seasoned writers, editors, and writing teachers. The team is selective about who gets to guest blog on the site, so make sure to read previous content and follow the guidelines carefully.

Try to use it in your title, headers and throughout your content but not too many times. You should include a link to at least one reputable source from within your content. We have a wealth of different categories, so please pick one topic. And make it interesting and relevant to that target audience.

Hongkiat (1.4M) – We’re always on the lookout for freelance and guest writers who can share insights, opinions, and content that are as well researched as they are well written. If you have tips, tricks, concepts, artwork, cool tools, cooler apps and insights you want to share with the web design, development and tech community, write for us. Stackify’s website andblogattract more than 1,000,000 monthly visits.

Wonderful list… I was planning to do guest blogging on few blogs. And anyways you can add another category related to Internet Marketing. As the non stable algorithm of Google, the best and effective way of exposure and link building is guest posting.

12)- If your Post is against our Guidelines, then we have the authority to modify or Delete your post. 9)- Don’t submit duplicate content, It harmful for both of us. 4)- Word Limit for posting content is 800 words to 1500 words. 3)- Start your title topic starting with Best, Top, How, What, Whereetc.

I just added some fashion blogs to this list that allows guest blogging. Guest blogging is NOT dead and it will never be as long as you adhere to Google rules and create quality content for others. Just don’t do it for the sake of links, also focus on relationships to have a better impact in the long run. Guest posting is a method of creating content for other blogs where you write an article and post it on someone else’s blog or website with your author bio . Don’t ignore promoting or responding to the comments you receive on your guest posts. It helps you connect with other bloggers which goes a long way.

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