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All editorial submissions can be sent to Please put the story title and destination in the subject line. If we are interested in the piece, we will ask you to send the photos. Be sure to include photo credits and captions. Articles in are visually appealing and include several photos. Please let us know if you have photos to accompany your work. We’re looking for honest, down-to-earth descriptive writing.

We’d like your stories to be a minimum of 600 words please, unless it’s a photoessay. • A £50 Travel Talk voucher to put towards any tour of your choice if your work is published. Before making any changes ourselves, we’ll usually ask you for input. Travel Write For Us – Nicky painting in Costa Rica We don’t accept the majority of proposals we receive.

These experiences enable TripSavvy to produce robust, thoroughly-researched stories that present a broad overview of a destination. Please provide an “If You Go” section at the end of your article with helpful websites and travel information for the destination, as well as your author’s bio. Before submitting your story, though, please have a look at Go World Travel Magazine to review our style, and to see what we have already covered. Go World Travel carries stories that go beyond the usual articles carried in newspaper travel sections. Each site will have its requirements for guest-relevant articles, so make sure you’re familiar with them before submitting anything. Topics can be stories, general tours or travel tips and ideas, Travel hacks, lists of top destinations, etc.

This is your chance to show off your writing skills, so make sure your post is well-written and informative. Guest posting outbound links help you to boost our website domain and page authority. You can send your article, and if we think it will be interesting to our readers, then we will have this feature! Note that your article should have original content created by you, and it should be at least 1000 words long.

The photographs or videos serve the purpose of enhancing the story for the reader or viewer. The subject matter can vary greatly, from local civic issues, national political races to social unrest in a foreign country. Alternatively, you can cover wildlife, local flora, and fauna, changing weather patterns, a city’s skyline, sunrise and sunsets, eclipse, timelapse videos, and much much more. There is a third way you can contribute to the Art Of Travel.

Our travel reviews rank high in search engine results. There has been some error while submitting the form. If your idea is approved, we will then ask you to complete the article within an agreed deadline.

Your blog post should be informative.Our tagline is “No Child Left Inside.” So readers may not be interested in day trip ideas where all there is to do is sit by the pool or go shopping. Your post should inspire someone to get out and explore the world around them. Whatever you write about, make sure it covers all of the angles and doesn’t leave any unanswered questions for your audience to look for on their own.

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