Write For Us Guest Post for Music Website Guidelines, Outreach + Pitch

Earmilk uses the SubmitHub platform for music submissions, so if you don’t get a hit back from their editors, you should submit your music there for review. An opportunity for all the music industry professionals or writers to write music related guest blogs. GrooveNexus has kept an open door for all readers and writers. If you want to write with us, have a story or news related to music and the industry, share it with us. We always welcome talented content contributors when it comes to music.

Your communication with them should be based on mutual appreciation and respect. Therefore, take some time to sound friendly, professional, and personal. In this way, you can create a long-term collaboration that will benefit both of you greatly. Aside from using SubmitHub, I suggest creating your own personal contact list and emailing them directly.

Do NOT include your article until we have accepted your proposal. With the new audience of readers, you will probably see comments and mentions of your article being buzzed around social media. This is a great way to see how your writing reacts to new groups of people, and learn how you improve your writing to reach even more people. In addition to our in-house panel of writers, kind guest editors from around the world have also contributed to the growth of Gemtracks. We currently receive more than 20,000 readers to our blog each day.

You can go through other social media channels you find relevant or any videos relevant. If you find this interesting you can submit a blog post. Hip-Hop Wired is one of the best music blogs to keep up to date with the latest on everything hip hop. With features on hip hop culture, entertainment news, music reviews, black politics and features on urban lifestyle. If you made a new year resolution to start a music blog and you are already floundering, we are here to offer you the easy way out! We have the music and the audience your passion deserves.

If you want to contribute to this blog, you should send your articles related to music artists, their creativity, and the covers they produce. The editors are interested in publishing fresh pieces about different songs with an author byline attached. It provides news, reviews, and updates related to the world of Canadian music.

Before you start writing, be sure to check the blog’s submission guidelines to determine whether you’re a good fit. Depending on the type of post you submit, you should make sure your article is between 500 and 1500 words long. Moreover, it should contain relevant links, images, and a bio. You can submit your article to a music blog’s email address. A great way to increase your audience is to share your professional information.

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