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We may occasionally approach writers to ask if we may reprint their work. We prefer to consider fully-formed drafts over pitches, but we’ll read both. For more, here’s our “how to pitch prose” guide, written by one of our editors. Or philosophizing on cultural kitsch or personal objects of value. Day Translations reserves the right to edit any and all posts we receive.

The final heading and subheading will be at the discretion of the editors and it will be made to fit the Hollywood Insider style. If the article you submit is aligned with what we are seeking, we will take the next steps to securing you as a writer for The Big Smoke America. The work is currently unpaid, but could become paid over time. If nothing else, though, we will provide you with a legitimate platform to elevate your status and fill your résumé. While writing about topics related to culture, writers must write in simple and easy-to-understand language. We have exceptionally long lead times so time-sensitive stories (the debut of new technology, back-to-school guides or holiday-related articles) must to be pitched six months in advance.

The posts must be flawless in terms of grammar and spelling. Fresh Cup is the home of this ongoing conversation about what it means to build a profitable and just business within an industry that’s desperate for a rebalancing. Join 7,000+ coffee pros and get top stories, deals, and other industry goodies in your inbox each week.

We publish daily articles on our website that focus on the intersection of visual culture with gender, mental health, education, sexuality, money and the internet. Many of the pieces that we commission do not focus on one single exhibition or artist, and instead explore wider themes or trends. We have a large selection of products & services designed to address the needs of Vendors & Agencies. Please note that we will not respond to your inquiry at the editor’s mailbox mentioned above. The article neatly lists out the required guidelines and rules to be followed while presenting the Write for Us Culture articles to the Cinejoia website. Bee Culture prides itself on working with both new and inexperienced writers, as well as professional writers and photographers.

The manual provides thorough instructions on theWrite for Us + Culture Guest Postchance for interested authors and writers. The writer retains their copyright when publishing at The Curator. The Curator claims First Serial Rights and publishing exclusivity for six months unless otherwise specified by the writer.

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