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What did you like about it and what could you improve? This will help you get a feel for how casinos are depicted and what kind of information is usually contained in a good casino article. When you gambling write for us using different formats, you will have a better chance of attracting readers. So, make sure the articles you work on have a varying format such as listicles and FAQ-styled blogs among others. Furthermore, you can also conduct interviews with professional gamblers to help your audience get an “inside view” of what their life might be like. If you are looking to write gambling guest posts, here are some guidelines to follow.

The length of the story has to be a minimum of 300 words. We have the right to provide internal connections to relevant content as well as outbound links to authority sites or any other destination we deem appropriate. By giving us your article, you accept that we own all intellectual property and content rights, including but not limited to publishing, editing, and copyrights. You may not publish the same material on other websites — if your work is accepted and published by us, you agree not to publish it elsewhere.

We have a large readership; therefore, your business, startups, and products will get more exposure. Her dream, once upon a time, was to work in sports media, which she did for a while before finding her current and very fulfilling career path. The casino article is a sub-genre of travel journalism. You are welcome to provide images to accompany your article, although you don’t have to. If you do send us images or photos, please supply them in the highest resolution available and make sure you have the correct permission to use them.

You can learn from pros, ask questions, receive advice or simply chew the fat with other poker players. All told, we love poker and want to share our love of the with new fans and seasoned veteran players alike. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions on our poker coverage. Our team is a group of dedicated poker players and freelance journalists from around the world. We share a love and passion for poker and poker journalism. Instead of just regurgitating facts and statistics, our writers produce content geared toward what poker players care about.

We want someone who can write captivating headlines and intriguing content. Unique writing styles are appreciated, but not required. Expertly Chosen covers many different categories, but all in relation to gift buying and product advice. We’d be particularly interested in the topics below, though if you have another idea that fits the site just let us know. Once you get paid, copyrights become the property of Standard Backing. Submit headline, if topic is approved we’d be interested in purchasing content on that topic.

Don’t repeat yourself — you shouldn’t be repeating yourself to get to the word limit since we won’t allow it. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills are required for any professional writer in the gaming sector or any other field. Grammarly is a great tool to use if English isn’t your first language. We don’t publish short posts since we can’t adequately explore a fascinating topic in 300 words. 1000 words are the absolute least, but if you focus on meaningful and relevant content, you might be able to get away with 1500 or more.

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