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And we’re not talking vague feedback like “can you make this less confusing? We try to make our feedback to the point and we’ll always look for ways to improve the article ourselves (so you’re not left coming up with alternatives alone). We keep our feedback constructive, so you won’t get mean comments in the edits and you’ll also get positive encouragement. As writers and freelancers ourselves, we know how important and valuable it is to be paid quickly.

At One Education, we recognise the value of companies and bloggers who deliver good material. Your article is put on our website once the review process is complete in order to give readers useful information. With TechImply, users may connect with a larger audience that is eager to read such excellent information as yours.

Depending on the complexity of the article, we might add a video recording from the strategist with ideas on how to approach the article. If you love writing and want to become a serious writer, then you’re likely always looking for ways to become a better writer. Whether you work with us as a freelance writer or are full-time, you’ll have the flexibility to work in your own hours and remotely. We also love to interview micro business owners and freelancers with unique stories and insight. So if you’re one of those or you represent one, do get in touch. All news stories should be at least 400 words in length, and others must have a minimum of 600 words.

Here you’ll find great examples of advice-led content on topics ranging from business growth, website redesign and ecommerce SEO, to name a few. To submit your request to be considerate as EuroNewsweek contributor, use the form at the end of this guideline and add three article samples and a short bio . Before you start writing a blog for us, read and analyze them. We don’t want you to spend your time curating content that we won’t like, everyone knows the struggle.

We appreciate you only send us well written unique articles that have never been published anywhere else on the web. Some of the pieces of content will require knowledge of a product or its features. That’s why some of the articles will be based on interviews with subject matter experts within the client’s company. If we haven’t received your payment within the three working days, we will remove the contextual reference links from your blog posts. The published blog post will still be live without external links for your referred website.

That’s why we’re offering students the chance to show off their expertise on a public stage. Links must be proper and credible sources who have a authority in the subject. To write for us the content must be original and trigger interest for our visitors as this is our main focus. If you would like to contribute and write for us, please read these guidelines carefully. We strongly believe that formulating great content is the key to success by opening numerous marketing opportunities for everyone. If you pass our “probation period”, we can offer a long-term contract .

You are encouraged to suggest a headline for your blog post but occasionally we will suggest or provide a more appropriate headline. You will always be consulted about this, but the final decision is with us. We are delighted to accept great one-off content or to forge continuing partnerships. So no matter how much time you have to write, we can work with you. We get 1000s of views every day, so rest assured your articles will be read and shared widely. Our marketing team will get back to you with any necessary amendments.

They can be literature reviews, debates, commentaries etc. – the scope is broad. Blogs are more informal, conversational pieces and need to be accessible to everyone, not just psychologists. Blog posts should enthuse and excite readers about aspects of your own experience or practice and encourage readers to discuss and debate your ideas.

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