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We are always looking and willing to pay for interesting stories related to what we talk about on our blog. Even if you had a post approved just a week ago, you are still welcome to submit more new stories for approval. The opinions expressed in this post/page are those of the author. Before implementing any strategies, you need to seek proper financial, legal and accounting counsel.

Yep, this business and finance blog is NOT about cryptocurrency. NXTMine publishes news and reports for investors looking for old-school mining. You know, metals, minerals, and other natural products the business world needs to survive.

Please share with your readers why you bought those stocks, why they should do the same and why you think that particular company is set to grow. Wellbeing Magazine is an Australian publication with a blog. They are very interested in all aspects of health and spirituality. You might not expect them to accept personal finance and money article ideas, but they do!

They expect well-researched, factual work that is easy to read. Their readers are mostly experienced small business owners looking for answers to their financial questions (and they don’t have time or patience for fluff or complicated technical language). If you’re an expert in financial or money-related fields, they will be all the more interested.

Interested in writing for, we are happy to welcome new writers to our team. In summary, before you submit your draft money blog or article to us, give it a good read through to ensure it is of such a quality that you and we would be proud of it. Your writing should be well written, interesting, unique and informative. Finally, all links in the post should be to relevant and quality websites.

You may have to do some social media research and follow your favorite editors. They publish quite a few personal finance and money articles. Go check them out and find an angle they’ve not done yet. Financewikki is one of the best personal finance blog in India. So, when you write for us your credibility also gets increased.

We do provide remarkable opportunity for the writers to highlight their expertise and presenting your skills of writing via social media and Internet. At present, we don’t plan to go ahead with any kind of compensation, but we assure that you would be enjoying the visibility on the growing platform. There is no restriction with regards to the number of submission of the articles; it all depends on you and your schedule. Finance Talk providing an opportunity to submit a guest post into our website. Do you have expertise on a topic that you’d love to share with our audience? These are a great way to share your experience and advice with others so that they can start, grow business and their financial situations.

Go check them out and come up with some great personal finance pitches they can’t resist. The Doctor of Credit blog focuses on every aspect of credit cards. They have a small in-house writing team, but they are always on the lookout for fresh ideas that fit their blog.

It’s no secret that personal finance sites can make good money with affiliate commissions or selling their own software and technology. As a contributor, your post or article should be well-written, unique, and high-quality. is a well-established platform, so the work published on our website is equally rewarding for both the writers and for our website. As we have a wide reader base, many potential employers, publishers, and clients can read your work and you also get an opportunity to learn a lot in the process.

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