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Those pieces absolutely have worth and interest, but fit better on other sites and with other publications. So work hard to make sure that we don’t have a reason to say no, by reading through the guidelines below and sending us your best ideas and pieces. We don’t approve most of the submissions and pitches that come through. This is mostly due to the quality of the ideas and writing. Any relevant information about yourself and your experience level.

We aim to help designers, marketers, and creatives discover insightful articles about design, the modern web, and the no-code movement. To submit your article idea, please fill out the form below. Outgoing links must be relevant to our blog.

We’re looking for writers who live in a place or have spent weeks or months exploring a place. We are NOT looking for posts written about a trip you took or a destination you’ve only visited once for a few days at a time. Please check the following articles to see what kind of posts we published in the past. Notice the actionable tips and illustrative screenshots they used.

Whenever possible we will ask you for edits before we make our own changes. Our readers don’t have that kind of skrill, so please, leave the suggestions for luxury resorts and pricey hotels for someone else. Currently, we are accepting pitches for destinations within the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Europe. We receive a high volume of pitches, and only accept a very small percentage of the absolute best ones. The content should be informative, useful, and easy to read and understand. Additional questions about submitting articles should be sent to

Read the blog post requirements and topics requirements before sending the post. The post should be original and not published anywhere else; no plagiarized content would be accepted. All our articles are passed through a plagiarism scanner to ensure that the written content has not been published before whether partly or completely.

We pay our contributing writers $300 per piece and are looking for about 3,000 words and a selection of photos . Not only in terms of “duplicate content” , the article should cover something not found on hundreds of other SEO blogs, or at least look at the familiar topic from a new point of view. We accept only high-quality posts that comply with our guidelines. Just submit your topic idea with an outline via the form below.

All links to external resources must be relevant and not just your promotional links. And any other relevant topics you can come up with. CLASSIC INFORMATICS CULTURE We believe in simplifying lives and making everything better- both for our clients and our team members. Solving real-world problems- one digital solution at a time.

Any reference material used should be mentioned. Any topic that doesn’t align with our niche – like ‘mobile marketing’, ’email marketing’ etc. First of all, thank you for showing an interest in contributing to our blog. We believe ‘sharing’ is a big part of building a community – and we welcome it.

Whether you’re suggesting a restaurant, museum, or tour, it needs to be unique to your destination. Unfortunately, this also means you likely won’t hear from our editorial team unless we’ve decided to move forward with your pitch. We don’t accept the vast majority of pitches we recieve. Topics which are irrelevant or non informative won’t be considered.

On the day your post goes up, please respond to comments over on my Facebook. Part of what we pay for is your help driving engagement and social sharing of the post. Payment may not be forthcoming if you are MIA the day your post goes up, so be sure to let us know if you’re not available so we can reschedule your post. We publish content that’s useful and/or inspiring. If your article doesn’t educate or inspire creative pros, no shade, but it’s not for us.

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