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Lowercase articles , coordinating conjunctions, and prepositions. The main idea and structure of the post supports the Title. Remote, small or large teams give the audience insight on how to make their teams work smoothly and motivated. Our blog is a resource hub for all CEOs, CIOs, COOs or any other Tech Lover or IT professionals on the latest trends in Digital Transformation.

If you have an article you’ve already written, feel free to also send it and what you’ll charge for its use. Any articles you submit to us must not be already published, and cannot be reproduced on another platform for at least 2 years. We are accepting unpublished 100% original, high-quality content that is useful to our readers. Our blog caters to business owners, decision makers and professionals in SaaS and Learning Management Systems industry. Submit high-resolution photos you want to be included in your post by attaching them separately in an email as it can be difficult to pull high-quality photos from documents. If you are a video blogger, we’re happy to publish videos you create accompanied by a short blog post.

If you would like to submit a guest post to the Bay Leaf Digital blog, follow the instructions below for consideration. On the LeadGen App blog we also provide a platform featuring B2B marketing experts, thought leaders and influencers via podcast episodes. We prefer articles that are written in a friendly, approachable tone.

Engaio Digital’s content is always developing, and if you have an idea for an article that might not match a listed type, we still want to hear from you. We are always interested in articles that make a change within a topic. We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers. Since these providers may collect personal data like your IP address we allow you to block them here.

B2B marketing publishers are a fascinating hybrid of traditional journalism and modern digital marketing. When you work for a brand as a B2B writer, you support the company’s marketing team directly. They’re hiring you to fulfill the marketing strategy they’re working on, and they often know just what they want.

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