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They want to interact with content with captivating titles and rich information. Such content encourages reading and motivates our site visitors to interact with us through comments and subscriptions. Hence we’re interested in unique and out-of-box content, for it helps our site stand out from our peers. is dedicated to social media marketing and electronics as well as their stories or news. Our primary focus is Apple products, features, accessories, apps, events, tips, etc. However, we also welcome stories about Android and Windows devices.

Also, most of our visitors are entrepreneurs and business professionals. A click-to-tweet in your article will allow the reader for tweeting article through the post. Add comments in your Doc file highlighting which sentence you’d like to be tweetable. Don’t forget to conclude your article by nicely summarizing all the points mentioned in the body of the post. These are the following topics you can write about on Techdee. Upload article on Google Drive/One Drive and share its link.

We have started accepted guest posts from the passionate guest bloggers and tech geeks. Do you have strength on Hosting related topics that you’d love to give to our perusers? We accept guest articles on the following topics related to Write for us Web Hosting, social media marketing “write for us” and “write for us” digital marketing.

We also publish experiences, tips, and guidelines for running successful social media marketing campaigns. This is key because brands are concerned about how they can use digital marketing to reach their target audience. It’s our objective to provide them with insights on how they can find and engage with their potential customers on these networks. We don’t accept articles with images due to copyright issues.

You will have the benefits in many ways like lots of visitors, targeted audience, backlinks and more. Are looking for people to submit a guest post or send over their well-written content. Honestly, this is a serious violation of the author’s rights and our policy. Avoid such mistakes by giving proper credit, citations, or quoting the source where you got the information you included in your article. If not so, we will deactivate and ban your accounts permanently. We accept Guest posts only for sponsored posts or paid links at competitive rates.Please contact us via the form at the end of this page.

Please don’t just rewrite other articles on the internet. Add something interesting to the blog you submit. We only accept in-depth, practical and useful blog posts with relevant media files and we only accept WordPress related articles.

Do mention your LinkedIn and Twitter profile links as they will be mentioned in your author profile. Once your article is published on the ZNetLive blog, it shouldn’t be published elsewhere. If your post has images, put all the images in a folder, and attach it to your email as a zip file. Ensure the images are high-quality so we can further optimize them if needed. Your bio should be 30 words long and can contain a single link to your brand.

Those are the top 10 areas in which we are looking for well-written content. The content must be simple, easy to read, and understandable. The author is solely liable for the originality and viewpoints expressed in his/her articles. However, you may have noticed that our site is completely technical and has its own style, both in terms of writing and tone.

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