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Increases the likelihood that you’ll discover your life partner. Is finding a life partner made easier by reading blogs? Yes, but perhaps not in the way you might have thought. Mixing and matching various content types is essential if dating blogs are to reach the broadest audience possible within their target audience niche.

For details, refer to their founder’s Twitter post and this page. Following these guidelines will boost your chances of your post being selected. We want to tap into all those great experiences and perspectives to expand the variety of posts we publish. With that said, a lot of the women in our community have read or been exposed to really bad advice that has hurt them more than it has helped them. The articles must be well-researched and informative. In other words, all articles should have proper details concerning topics, subjects and contexts.

Relevant, high-quality images/videos with the text. We prefer catchy, edgy images that instantly attract readers’ attention. Have helpful advice or tips related to sex, relationships or dating? Please note we will not accept links to, gambling, payday loans, or adult websites. Rewire is a nonprofit publication that delivers thought-provoking content that inspires young adults to make their lives better.

We’ll review all articles submitted for topic and content. It’s best that you share your headshot/humanoid image along with a short bio/description of yourself, so we can create a dedicated expert/blogger profile for you. We would love to have you write for us on various topics related to dating and the journey to find a partner. All articles must have the same formatting and appearance as other sites. We will make any necessary changes to approved articles before they are published. The article will be attached to your account once it is submitted to our system to give you credit for your writing.

English-speaking writers from Canada, the United Kingdom , and the United States always need to contribute to our online dating and relationships coverage. Any dating advice, dating ideas, or dating tips that may be helpful to our community to maintain a relationship is also welcomed. We are interested in writers with relevant content who want to establish a relationship with our site or simply build their writing portfolio. Before you send us your work, please be sure to read our guidelines below. We believe that truly insightful topics related to relationships, love and dating cannot be explained in a paragraph or two. Articles should be at least 1,200 words or more.

Every article posted on our site is also posted in our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The writing we are looking for includes how-to guides, tips/advice, personal experiences and lessons on anything related to dating, love, romance and relationships. We want writers with insight and experience with dating and romance. We want writers to share their knowledge with readers and let them know what works and what doesn’t work. Article must be unique for and never published anywhere else before.

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