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If you would like to discuss possible topics before writing the post, please email us with your ideas. Submission should include a short author bio and profile picture. Links to your websites and social networks would be an asset. Content should be unique, we don’t republish all or parts of the previously published articles.

Just like you would introduce yourself as a guest at a gathering or any function, introduce yourself as a blogger or professional specific industry writer online. We will reply with the keywords & topics including requirements to write and awesome well-research content.. Thus we welcome everyone to contribute with SEO Cares and write for. Please also refrain from posting the submitted article on other websites.

Before you submit a guest blog post idea make sure you read through articles we have published in the past to get a good grasp of what type of content we use. Sample articles – We need to see links to at least 4 previous guest posts you have written for other sites. The primary topics covered on the Futuramo blog are project management, team collaboration, remote work, productivity and business. If you want to share your experience and insights with our readers, feel free to contact us at Our editorial process ensures that we provide our readers with the most accurate, relevant, and accessible content possible to help them grow. If you’re a writer, then you know the importance of the editorial process.

We do not accept posts that are not relevant to our readers, nor do we accept any post that is not original or unique in some way. You may include videos or images to supplement the text; please submit video links or .mp4s, and all images as .jpeg or .png. Also, feel free to include hyperlinks to other sources that might be useful for students. Our audience is a global community of students, writers, and teachers. Since 2012, over 12 million students and teachers worldwide have usedWriting Commonsfor help with their writing.

Just aim to bring readers a fresh perspective on a topic that keep challenging you and you come out with new life hacks to deal with it. Here at FinancesOnline we often receive questions from people who want to submit content on B2B, SaaS or finance related topics for our website. If you would like to become a contributor we have some submission guidelines you have to follow and a few requirements you will need to meet. For writers that contribute occasionally and aren’t promoting a product or business, we offer a $50 bounty for accepted blog posts.

If your Guide, Article, Review or content piece is Published, you’ll receive anywhere from $50-$200 via Paypal. We’re looking for high quality content creators and are continually looking for folks who have spare time to join our growing team of contributors. The first step once the topic is accepted is to write a table of contents. This helps make it clear to both you and us what the central idea and the flow of the post will be. Ask for revisions when it’s not aligned with our purpose.

Your content should be unique and it should not be similar to our past posts. Your blog content should be 100% original and unpublished. We love well-researched and relevant content, preferably 1000+ words. The article must be in original form and should not be published elsewhere. We allow one do-follow link only in the author’s bio. All links to external resources must be relevant and not just your promotional links.

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