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Submitted the guest blogging to mybooks is an easy-peasy process. Submit using the form below, including a link to your Google Doc. If the editors request a revision of a manuscript, the revised manuscript may be re-reviewed by the original reviewers. Please send us an email with the subject “Guest Blogging” let us know what you’d like to write about and why you think it would be a good fit for our blog.

Please note we will not accept links to drug-related, gambling, payday loans or adult websites. Submitted articles should raise awareness and inspire or inform the reader. They should encourage the reader to take action and support business success. Thank you for visiting this page to find out more about contributing to ourBlogwith a guest post.

Once your post has been published on our site, then and only then are you permitted to republish your article elsewhere. If you do decide to do so, you will be required to cite FreePress Directory as the original source and link back to the article on our site. The best blog posts will contain actionable tips, trending information and thorough documentation.

Your writing should be well-crafted, interesting, unique, and instructive. It is a critical instrument for understanding a company’s current state and conditions, as well as establishing the essential plans to improve its economic performance, using this paperwork. If we buy wood to create chairs, for example, we’ll need to count it to figure out how much we have, how much it cost us, who the supplier is, when we purchased it, and so on. Accounting is a tool that may be used to manage a company’s costs and profits. Whether you’re just building your portfolio or looking to cross-market with an existing brand, we’d love to have you join our network of writers reaching engaged audiences.

As such, the readership’s expectations are justifiably high. Our goal is to advance elearning innovations, applications, and policy ideas that move the global conversation forward. Articles are blind peer-reviewed and available through open access. Finally, the post’s links should all lead to high-quality, relevant websites. Please present 1-3 topics ahead of time so that we can ensure that your post will be accepted.

We look forward to you getting in touch with us and working with you now and in the future. Please contact us on if you have any questions or would like more information. Our contributors never advertise a service or business. We’ll be thankful if you keep the sales pitch out of the story. We smell spamdexing schemes and link farms from a mile away.

If a topic is irrelevant to more readers than it helps, we’ll need to rework the topic or find a different approach. For yourself or others, we will either ask for such links to be removed or simply not publish the post. In-depth Articles — or lengthy technical pieces that increase our readers’ understanding of certain issues.

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