Why Do You Write?

Tell yourself no one else’s opinion matters, cuz that’s true. As a person drawn to audio and visual storytelling, my life has been defined by listening. At Swarthmore, I would continue to foster the quality relationships I’ve created and the love I’ve spread by inviting people to share their stories on my podcasts. Majoring in Film & Media Studies or English Literature, broadcasting at WSRN, and writing for The Review is the next chapter in my life of listening. I would creatively explore how narratives have been told in the past and can be redefined digitally for a new generation of ears.

Once you’ve considered the two angles we mentioned , it’s time to wrap everything up nicely and create the answer that will amaze your interviewer. “I’ve been following your company’s work on data protection for a while. My expertise in cybersecurity and your dedication to keeping your customers’ data safe made me realize we share the same values and we might be a perfect fit.

UnsplashShare details of how your business is pursuing its purpose and the milestones you’ve hit. Stories are all about representing change—starting in one place and ending up in another—which is something your About Us page should also do as visitors scroll through it. It’s a departure from the copy-driven pages we covered above, but it works in the favour of WP Standard as a brand of few words, or for brands that want to say a lot by saying very little. WP Standard’s About Us page is almost like a look book with a minimal amount of copy or details about its origin. Instead, the story is told through a video, imagery, and sparse copy that summons the idea of resilience, exploration, and embracing the essential. Much like 4ocean, consider splitting your About Us page into specific subpages and showcaseyour value proposition.

And as an international student, I know the pains of learning English as a second language. I believe I can contribute to the ESL teaching program either at UM or abroad, and see this as an opportunity to have an impact not only at UM, but in Washtenaw County and beyond. The more interesting your questions are, the more interesting the answers will be, and the more you’ll show why you are interested in this college.

Below is an example essay that uses a similar structure , but is more like 75% about the school and 25% about the student. This isn’t not “wrong,” it’s just a slightly different approach. Here’s another example that follows the basic structure of the “Why Michigan” essay, but it’s a bit more advanced because the details are a bit more specific. As a result, we learn a bit more about both the school and the author. Read it first, then take a look at the outline below to see how it’s constructed. And although journalism is the path I’m currently on, I want to remain open to other opportunities I may encounter at UM.

At the very least, you can include high-quality behind-the-scenes photos that pull back the curtain and give visitors a glimpse into your business. Or, if you’ve invested in digital marketing assets like videos or case studies, your About Us page is a good home for them as well. The page continues to explain Mailchimps’ company culture.

We only publish your piece once you have approved the final edited version – including the pictures and headline. It puts paid to academic anxieties that dealing with the media risks being misquoted or sensationalised. Our editorial process is two-way from start to finish, and writers have full access to the TC editing suite just as the editors do.

Once you’re done filling out the information, see if there’s everything you expected. There might be cover letter sections that you need but which aren’t the default. By using the Add Section function, you can include information detailing, for example, your availability or expected salary. As the final part, help us personalize your cover letter by selecting the working style that best describes you. This will set the right tone for your application. Choose how many years of relevant experience you have, which also involves internships or volunteer gigs.

Engagement – Your write-up should be engaging to the audience. Elements such as proper headlines, images, and structure contribute towards an engaging read. In this post, get insight from Alf Mendez, vice president of experience and inclusion and Robert Half, on why ENGs are good for business, and learn the… It also suggests that you already have one foot out the door before you’ve even been hired. “Honestly, I just need a job, and this one looked interesting.” This is a candid response, to be sure.

Jamnes have you , perhaps , written about how you use Scrivener. I bought it, and I can see how it might help, but I am really not sure the best way to use it. If you do not want to write it, perhaps I can from interviews with you? I am no expert, but after editing my book until I was sick of it I began to write short stories .

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