When Professionals Run Into Problems With what is the event that immediately follows the last event of this animation?, This Is What They Do


The event is the final scene.

One of the most important events of the game is the end of the story. The first half of the game is about Colt’s efforts to get his old buddies back. The second half is about the Visionaries’ island being overrun by the forces of “Black Order.” The last half is about the final confrontation: Colt, wearing a mask, gets stabbed in the chest, and then wakes up in the next room. This animation occurs at the end of the game.

Each time the game is paused, we see a black screen, and at the end of each screen we see a message. There is also an announcement that the game is paused, but I feel that there’s a bit too much of a ‘to be continued’ vibe going on and not enough of a’restart/continue’ vibe going on, so I’m giving this one to the third option.



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