What is an OM in Commercial Real Estate?

CIRE reaches a targeted readership of about 15,000 sophisticated commercial investment real estate professionals. More than 90 percent of our readers are Designees or candidates of the CCIM program, which requires a series of classes in finance, marketing, leasing, and decision analysis, in addition to experiential requirements. Investing in real estate indirectly is done through a real estate investment trust , a company that holds a portfolio of income-producing real estate. There are several types of REITs, including equity, mortgage, and hybrid REITs, and are classified based on how their shares are bought and sold, such as publicly-traded REITs, public non-traded REITs, and private REITs. Some of the most common ways to invest in real estate include homeownership, investment or rental properties, and house flipping. One type of real estate investor is a real estate wholesaler who contracts a home with a seller, then finds an interested party to buy it.

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Unlike stocks, bonds, and other financial products, commercial real estate is known for the variety of tax benefits it can offer investors. From accelerated depreciation to mortgage interest deductions and tax advantages for an investor’s heirs, these benefits can lead to a massive difference in returns, especially over an extended period of time. However, to make use of commercial real estate’s tax advantages, you need to know what they are and how they work.

We would be looking at articles which would specifically adhere to Commercial Real Estate Sector and talk about the major developments and changes taking place. A grant deed, also known as a special warranty deed, is a legal document used to transfer ownership of real property. Investors and analysts keep a close eye on housing starts because the numbers can provide a general sense of economic direction. Moreover, the types of new housing starts can give clues about how the economy is developing.

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These tax benefits are designed to encourage investment in development and job creation within distressed communities. If you decide to owner-occupy the property, meaning you actively run a company out of the premises, then you’ll find additional tax benefits. Providing exclusive content about national commercial real estate including retail and industrial news. For example, what unique problems exist in the real estate industry that you have valuable insight into that other people might not understand? If you can answer these difficult questions you’ll immediately set yourself up as a leader in the industry, and someone who other clients and even businesses will turn to when they have a problem.

A derivative blog post topic could be “7 Questions Investors Should Ask Before Buying a Multi-Family Property.”. This website is owned by a private company that offers business advice, information and other services related to multifamily, commercial real estate, and business financing. We have no affiliation with any government agency and are not a lender. While depreciation itself is fantastic for investors, there are a variety of things an investor can do to take larger depreciation deductions over a shorter period of time. In many cases, an investor can order a cost depreciation study from an engineering firm, which will identify various parts of a property that can be depreciated over a shorter period of time, say, five or 10 years.

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