Ways To Master Crypto Link Building


Cryptocurrencies are booming and with it, the number of people looking to make money off of crypto has gone up as well. One great way to do so is by investing. Another way though is through crypto link building for ICO PROMOTION CAMPAIGN.

While this may seem daunting or technical at first, there are plenty of ways that you can get started in the process today! It doesn’t have to be expensive either; we’ll cover all the different things you can do for minimal cost to successfully build your links and rank on page one for your desired keywords.

1. Guest Post

The time-honored tradition of guest posting is still alive and well. As long as there are sites accepting quality content from people in your niche, guest posting will be a great way to get links and build your audience. This can also get you some traffic if the site has enough of an Alexa score that people aren’t just going there via search engines.

Also, you’ll want to promote yourself in your bio with a link to your site. That way when they click around they’ll come back to you!

2. Link Roundups

A lot of bloggers will regularly do post roundups. These are lists of links that are related to a certain topic or industry. Oftentimes journalists will curate lists of things they’ve found while writing or researching stories.

For instance, if a journalist is doing a story on an ICO, they will often link to the white paper and other sites that have extra information about that company. They may also link out to other articles about the company to explain why it’s relevant. There are plenty of other ways that these can be relevant to your industry though! Make sure you’re connecting with journalists and emailing them once you see something like this go up so you can cite yourself.

3. Facebook Groups

Keep in mind that spam doesn’t work anymore! At least not like it used to. If you post something too frequently, you’ll get banned.

That’s why Facebook groups can be so useful. Get involved in groups specific to your niche and pitch yourself to the admins with a link to your site like you would in a guest post. If it’s good content and it’s relevant, they’re likely to allow you to create a thread of your own with a link in there somewhere.

Also, make sure that you’re not just peddling your own links. When other people have stuff that’s relevant or something that you don’t, share them! Don’t just go around telling everyone about how great everything is related to crypto; add value for others too. Find our site list here.

4. Forums

Forums are a great place to ask questions and get feedback on things related to your niche. Search for the relevant forum and join their chat.

5. LinkedIn Groups

These are similar to Facebook groups but you need to become a LinkedIn member first! Sign up for free with your email; save it in your contacts. Join the relevant groups, reply when appropriate, and start building relationships with people who can help you gain links!

6. Twitter Follow Back-Linking (TLB)

You’ve probably noticed that when someone follows you on Twitter, you’ll get an email from them saying “I recommend (person/profile name). Check them out.” This is a great way to build backlinks without having to hustle for them yourself. All you need to do is follow people and wait for them to follow you back!

Obviously, this is easier said than done but it’s worth noting that the more followers you have, the more people that will be notified of your following them. So make sure that your account looks active by following others in your niche and retweeting or replying to their tweets if they are relevant. 

7. Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising can be an amazing way to target a very specific audience and get past the noise of other posts being shown on their feed. This is definitely an advertising platform that you’ll want to be familiar with since it is so widely used for link building.

8. LinkedIn Advertising

Similarly, LinkedIn ads are an amazing way to promote your own content… but only if you know how to do them well. They can be a lot more complicated than FB ads, but they can be just as effective. Again, this is a great tool to be familiar with if you’re in the crypto space because it will help you target people who might be interested in what you have to offer!

9. Twitter Bots

There are a lot of different Twitter bots out there that can help you manage your accounts more easily. 

For instance, there’s a Twitter bot called “Tweet Liker” which will tweet at you to check out your newest tweet. It’s not 100% accurate since it doesn’t use the right data, but it’s probably a good start! 

10. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the best way that you can get links to your content without having to do much in terms of work. There are plenty of websites out there that are looking for good guest writers who have a quality site and an interesting content angle. So be sure to check out sites like Fiverr and Upwork, which can all help you find a lot of these places at very reasonable rates of NFT!



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