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Our life is a series of choices. A choice to work in the morning, to get up later and study more, to eat at home, or to exercise. A choice to drink coffee, to take a walk in the woods, to listen to music, or to listen to audiobooks. A choice to read a book, to write an essay, to email a friend, or to type.

This is the moment when we all begin to realize that our lives are not just a series of choices, but that they are choices. And when we realize that we may have had other choices, that we may have to make decisions about other things, that we may be choosing and choosing and choosing, then we begin to feel as if we are choosing to do any of these things.

A moment of reality about how we got to this point.

The word “choice” is a tricky one to define because it can be anything from the choice to be born, to the choice of what you do with your life. But, the way that it is used in our story, it seems to have a specific meaning in our story. In this story, it describes the moment when the party ends and we begin to get our shit together and live our lives as our own. When we begin to be able to live our lives as our own.

But, that’s not it. What is it though? We know that we’re getting to the end of our story because we see the word “reboot.” We see the word “reload.” We see a word that literally means “to re-boot a computer.

But, what was it all about? In our story, the word reboot, means to start over. To get back to the point where we were a few moments ago. To get back to the moment where we were trying to kill some people and maybe even end up dying ourselves.

Well, if you can get back to the point where we were a few minutes ago, your story is complete. It’s as complete as a movie that never ends.

As we think about what to do next in our story, we realize that if we do this, we will definitely die. This is not what we were talking about before. We know that we will die, but it’s something that we are not prepared to accept. We are not ready to accept that we will die by our own hand. By now, it is as if we have been living in a time loop for a year.

The only thing that we can do to help ourselves is to stop thinking about death and start thinking about our next move. We are talking about an action that will be totally in our control, but we don’t know exactly what it is. It’s hard to believe we will actually do this, but we’re ready to think about our next move.

Its hard to believe that we will actually do this, but were ready to think about our next move. It is very easy to sit there and think that we have been living in a time loop for a year, going to the supermarket or the doctor or going for a run. But now that we know, we are ready to actually do it.



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