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If you’ve already written a blog post and would like to submit it, you can do so using this form. But, if there are specific questions, make sure you answer them clearly and concisely. There might not be any right or wrong answers, but your school will still be looking for students who are able to express themselves and get their point across. The best study abroad essays are the ones with a little bit of personality! Your essay should still sound professional, but don’t be afraid to let yourself shine through as well. Studying abroad comes with challenges, and if the university gets a sense you are ready for them, you will move to the top of the list.

Write to provide value to our readers, who are the parents of college students looking to better understand the experiences of their student and support their success from move-in through graduation. Student submissions are accepted as long as they follow the guidelines above. We welcome student articles about their study experience abroad.

Naturally, Shakespeare’s roots in the United Kingdom invite playwrights and poets. Meanwhile, students of general creative writing disciplines will also find enticing courses in countries like Italy, Spain, and France, some of which might challenge you to write in another language. Write for our higher education guest posts site if you wish to help the educational community while also growing your reach.

Making a move to live abroad is for many the ultimate transition—often the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, in other cases the result of chance and circumstance. Explore the BCSA site for the latest programs, resources and news for BC students studying abroad. CEA is a leading global education provider with 9 campuses worldwide and 32 additional partner programs located throughout Eastern and Western Europe, Central America, South America, and Africa.

All study abroad experiences through the University of Chicago, one of its partner programs, or a College travel grant are eligible. Once you have completed your entry, complete the form below and in the drop down, indicate the blog post type. EdAbroad will review submissions and feature various stories that meet our Writer’s Guidelines on our website, social media like Facebook and Instagram, and to be used as an office resource. EdAbroad has provided prompts and topics for you to explore and respond to throughout your international experience. As long as you address elements of each prompt, you can feel free to add them to other creative aspects of your program that you decide to include within your own blog. Selecting an overseas creative writing program can be an enjoyable portion of trip preparation, but it’s one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How to find a short-term job in a country which will be meaningful. What you consider the top short-term, seasonal or summer jobs?. See the Internships Abroad section for featured writing examples. See the Volunteer Abroad section for featured writing examples.

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