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This is where we find ourselves. It’s where we get our strength and determination from. When we run as a pack of wolves, we put in lots of extra effort and determination. We get to work at the highest levels of self-care, and then we realize we can only do so much.

But when we are running as individuals, we can’t really get to the top. We don’t have the stamina, the mental strength, the determination to do something so monumental. When we run as a pack, we can get as far as we want and then we stop. When we run as a group, we stop before we really get anywhere. That’s why I’m going to talk about running proxies.

running proxies is the act of using proxies to access specific websites on your own site. These proxies are usually hidden behind a set-up of a “hidden” box that the user sets up inside a website. The idea is that once a user connects to a proxy, that user is then able to access a website hidden behind the proxy, which is then accessible from the outside world.

The same way that you can use a proxy to access your local network, you can use them to access other networks. In fact, you can even use a proxy to access a whole Internet. A proxy is often very useful for the type of “white hat” link-building strategies we discuss in the previous section, but it can also be a very helpful feature for black hat link-building techniques. For example, you can easily set up your own proxy to access your own website.

In order to create a proxy, you need a computer that has administrator privileges. This isn’t a problem with a Windows PC, but if you have a Mac I would definitely recommend getting one of those. You can also use a service like to set up your own proxy, but it’s probably not as convenient as setting up your own PC.

The proxy feature is extremely useful for black hat link-building strategies. When you own a website or website domain, you can set up a proxy to access your own site. A proxy allows you to create a second version of your website on a different server, so if your website ever goes down you can still access your site via the proxy.

Proxy services like, however, do not allow you to view your site in any way on your computer, whether you are logged in as the person who owns the proxy or not. You can only access your site from an IP address that is not listed in your proxy settings.

It may seem like a lot of security, but the proxy is really very easy to set up, since you just need to create a new proxy for your domain (which you can do with a web browser, Google Chrome, or Firefox). Once you have the proxy set up, you can then go to your website and visit it from the proxy server.

If you want to hide the IP address of your computer from the outside world, you can use a VPN service, such as one provided by Go Daddy. Or if you’re on a shared network, you can use a TOR network. If you are not using a VPN service, you can still go to your website from within your own network using a local proxy.

I think many of us have gotten used to doing our own network security. You may have even gotten used to using proxies, it just doesn’t feel quite right to go out of your way to do it yourself. If you are a webmaster, perhaps now would be a good time to try running a proxy server within your own network. A proxy server is a server that sits in another network and just connects to your website.



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