What the Best javascript string ends with Pros Do (and You Should Too)


It might be a little tough to see a string ending with a period, but I’ve found that it’s quite readable.

The period is important because it marks a statement. In this case, the statement is that the string is ending. A statement that is only made once.

You can see that a string ending with a period is like your code is “if”ing up your entire code (and it is a very smart way of doing so).

I’ve noticed that there’s always some code out there that ends with a period. Its an indication of a programmer trying to be smart. If they are trying to be that smart, they can probably give their code more meaning by including the period.

A number is a sign to indicate that you are actually saying something. The second thing you should never ever do is to use a string.

So what is a string? A string is a series of characters, or combinations of characters, separated by spaces or delimiters like semicolons or colons. The first thing you should never do is end a string.

Strings can be very useful in web programming. For example, they are often used to provide a unique identifier for a file that you want to include on the page of your own website. For example, you might have a file that will be the title of a video website. When you copy that file into your web page and include it in your page, you can tell Google that this video is from the video provider you want to appear on your page.

In Javascript, string ends with the colon.

The problem here is that browsers can’t really distinguish string ends from other punctuation or other characters. So we end strings with the colon.



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