How to Get More Results Out of Your hidden iframe


I find it funny how many people know the answer to this question, yet find it completely impossible to apply it to their own lives.

You’re probably asking yourself, “How the hell did I miss this?” Well, sometimes you just don’t want to think about what you don’t want to think about. This is a question that I often get asked when I speak at conferences.

This question is one you could reasonably answer. Well, you could answer both the question and the answer. You could answer the question by saying, “Well, I don’t really have time to think about that.” or, “I’m not sure that’s the answer to my question.

If youre like me and you dont want to think about what you dont want to think about, its a great way to avoid that thought. But then, youre like me and you just want to think about whatever you want.

Well, the best way to get around this is to say you feel as though you can’t think about it, but your brain is just so busy that you cant. But I think you might be asking the wrong question. Youre asking the wrong person.

I think a lot of us just want to avoid thinking about things that might get us in trouble with our parents, our friends, or our spouse. But the truth is that there is nothing at all wrong with avoiding thinking about things you don’t want to think about. It just takes more energy to do so.

It is true that when you avoid thinking about a problem, it takes more energy to think about it. But what is more important is that you are trying to solve the problem, instead of just avoiding thinking about it.

The problem is that we are easily distracted by things we don’t really want to think about. When we are trying to find a way to solve a problem, we are more likely to focus on a random topic instead of a more important one. We can be distracted by a video game, a picture on Instagram, a friend we have just lost touch with, etc. When we are not thinking about the problem we are trying to solve, we are more likely to focus on other things.

A lot of the time we focus on things that don’t matter because we are so easily distracted. Some of this is innate to us, but others are learned in a school of hard knocks. As someone whose own life has been in a similar state, I think we should all take a moment and consider which part of our life is the most obvious and which part is the hardest to deal with.

This is something we all should consider. Whether it is the most obvious part of our life, or the hardest to deal with, the key is to be honest about it. When we are not fully honest about what is bothering us, we tend to feel the need to do things we don’t really want to do. Or we may just choose to do something that makes us feel good (such as eat a cookie or drink some wine).



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