Guest Post for Us!

The minimum number of words for an article is generally 800 words. We do make exceptions, depending on the topic, so feel free to get in touch and we can discuss this further. Sorry, the content of this store can’t be seen by a younger audience. Please give source of statistics, images, and quotes used in the content. AdventureHacks is a great resource to promote what you’re doing.

We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online or that you plan to distribute to other websites. At this time we do not have the budget to pay for guest posts – however our goal is to get to that point. We hope the exposure and opportunity to build your personal brand through guest posting will be enough to make it worth your time.

To become one of our contributors, please read the guidelines and fill out the form below. Email us your post idea with the article or a sample article in the body of the message. We must maintain a certain standard to ensure the highest quality of information for our readers. We prefer original photos from your own experiences, however, if you want to provide “stock” photos you can find such photos on royalty-free sites such as Unsplash or Pixabay.

We reserve all the rights to reject exact match anchor text or links to low-quality websites. Articles must not contain links to products, anything sexual in nature, gambling or any subject matter that we deem inappropriate for our readership . In the email, please include a short pitch of your idea. This can be a paragraph or two summarizing your idea, a few main points you’ll make, and why it’s the right fit for our audience.

Just don’t spam, and link to content or services that are genuinely helpful. The story should be unique and not published elsewhere — we will check. Any plagiarized or re-used content will be rejected and blacklisted. We are looking for writers who can commit to producing 2 to 4 articles articles per month.

Once we receive your request, we’ll read it and let you know if it’s approved. If approved, we’ll reach out to request the completed article and when it’ll be posted on our website. We would much rather high quality content that comes in less frequently that a flood of shallow, poor quality articles. Articles should communicate well with our English speaking audience. If your article is not grammatically correct or of a high enough standard of English, we reserve the right to refuse to publish it.

This position will give you the time and freedom to work wherever you want if you have an internet connection and laptop. If you have an adventure story that you think might inspire others to get outside and explore more, then send us your idea. It doesn’t have to be a grand or even unique adventure (although that certainly helps!). But it does need to tell a tale, have a twist or angle, and most importantly get our readers psyched about adventure. We reserve all the right to include internal links to our related posts.

If you have an idea for articles on the topics mentioned above, we would love to hear from you. While our full-time writers have RV experience, we don’t require the same of our guest posters. If you love outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, biking or you are just are an avid traveler – you can certainly use that experience to inform our loyal readership.

If you’re interested, you can continue to write from time to time, or even monthly. Before submitting your blog post, you should be familiar with the type of content we publish on Bearfoot Theory, our voice, and our writing style. Cool of the Wild are always on the lookout for new and engaging content.

Feel free to let your personality shine through. The more personal, the more your writing will shine to the audience. The better the article, the greater chance your article will be read andshared on social media. The bottom line is you don’t have to be an RVer to share your tips on an ultimate weekend in Portland or the 9 best fishing spots in Colorado.

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