dimension background: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier


You have to make a big deal out of dimension. Dimension is the name of a term that is used when we talk about space when we say “this space is big and this space is small.” It’s a great way to communicate that you have space.

The fact of the matter is that the number of dimensions is really an arbitrary number. It is not a fundamental property of space. If you are talking about space on this planet then you are talking about this one place (the Earth, or any planet on this planet) and there are many places of this world and this world.

It’s almost like saying that the number of dimensions in space is a fundamental property of space which cannot be altered. This is a good metaphor because a lot of us don’t understand how the universe works. We think that we are all part of the same space when in reality, we are not. It’s important to understand that the number of dimensions is not important.

The point I’m making is that most of us have very limited knowledge of the universe and most of us don’t even understand how it works because we are never actually in a position to see how it works. Most people think that space is big and space is small so that we can walk around in a bigger space than we are in, but the fact is that space can be anything you want it to be.

The point I want to make is that we have a finite number of dimensions so when we say that the universe has 10 dimensions, we actually are talking about only one dimension and that dimension is time. The only point we are talking about is the fact that space is not a flat plane but it is a continuum and you can move around in it. A flat plane would be nothing but a flat plane. It is like a movie theatre. An auditorium and a film screen all are flat planes.

The universe is made up of 10 (or more) dimensions. When we say the universe is 10 dimensions, we are really saying that it is made up of all of the 10 dimensions that we know so far. So if we say the universe is flat, we are saying that the universe is made up of the whole set of dimensions we know.

The universe is made up of the world dimensions in which we have control. The world dimensions are the world dimensions that we control. We can say the universe has the world dimensions because we are the ones who control the world dimensions.

This sounds like a good reason to think about the universe as a set of dimensions that are spread out in space. But does it actually mean that things can be created in the middle of a flat and empty space? No. It just means that we can create things on the inside of a flat and empty space.

Okay. So the universe is not a flat world. It’s not empty. It’s not a world. It’s a dimension that we have control over. As a result, we can create things in the middle of a flat and empty space.

The universe is a great place to start a story – not just to start a story, but to help you navigate it. But if you can’t make a good story, you can’t make a great story. So you just have to build it out of a lot of stuff. And you have to build it in the first place.



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