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I’m not sure I understand the whole concept, but this is so much like that: on a normal day with a good clean room and a good dinner, everyone will see the perfect css solution. My husband and I both remember the day when we decided to get an ice cream sundae. We all watched the video, and then a few years later, we learned to use it.

I think its very likely that you’re not using the css on a normal day. I think most of us are still learning. We can try to come up with something that works, but we can’t always be the first to do so. The easiest way to fix hover, without changing the rest of your design, is to just use the css.

Hugs are easy on a new website. Your visitors should see that the css is working. But, they won’t if you have a design that doesn’t follow CSS standards.

That said, if you are not using the css on your site, you are doing it wrong. I can think of a few reasons why. First, if your website uses css on the home page, you are not using it correctly. Second, if you use the css on the home page, you are using it incorrectly. The css is meant to be used on the home page, so try using it there. Third, you could be using it incorrectly.

A lot of people think that using css on the home page is wrong. Most people don’t realize that the css is for the home page, and that css only works on the home page. The reason that the css is for the home page is because css is supposed to be used for everything in your website. If you use css on the home page, you are using it incorrectly.

We’ve all seen the first two paragraphs of a web post, and we might assume it’s all about the content, but the real purpose of this post is to tell you that your css rules are just the rules. Your css rules are not the rules. That’s why you need to get rid of them all.

You are using css incorrectly. Your css rules are the rules. When you have an error in your css rules, all your rules are broken. This is one of the reasons you will have to learn how to code properly. The best way to learn is to write code.

I will admit, its a bit of a cop-out statement, but when the author says, “The rules are the rules”, we just don’t know what he means. When you’re coding, you’re writing the rules that will get your code to work. But what if your rules are wrong? What if some of your rules are working but some are not? Then your code is broken. It breaks no matter what you do. So you need to learn how to fix your rules.

You should know how to write code. Learning how to read and manipulate it will be great news for you. Even if you’re a terrible programmer, it will help you find bugs and make sure that your code works the way you want it to.



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