We provide the option to submit an Human Resource Consultants Write for us guest post to our website as part of our Write for Us program. We always seek talented writers who can craft well-researched articles. We strive for top-notch and high-quality content that covers all relevant and essential information for our readers. Before we move forward, it’s crucial to follow the guidelines. All aspects of human resources are covered in this bi-weekly magazine, which addresses management, and personnel training and development.

This has been our standard and philosophy for blog posts from day one. The article must be submitted with your author bio inclusive of a thumbnail image of yours. We will offer the complete credit of the article to you. Your post must be original and not previously published either on the Web or in print and you agree not to publish it anywhere else, including your own blog or Web site.

In the HR niche, there are hiring managers, employment agencies, corporations, and career-seeking individuals, all trying to figure out how things are changing. Since the Great Resignation, people have been updating their resumes, upgrading their skills, and changing careers. If you are not an HR Practitioner or subject matter expert, you will be considered a vendor & will be referred to our highly knowledgeable sales department.

Diversity of voice, experience and perspective is one aspect of Women of HR our readers value most. So, we always have our welcome mat out for writers interested in guest posting . Contributions can be on a one-time, intermittent basis or regular basis, depending on your interest. Please submit your article in a word document with embedded jpeg images and approximately not more than 1000 words. If you have any videos you may post them in youtube or on vimeo and send us the link along with your submissions. The Editorial team will review the submissions and may consider for publication on the portal as appropriate.

We love how-to articles, lists, topic research, curated statistics, and checklist. Iceni Media Inc does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments, content created by guest authors nor those expressed by interviewees. We reserve the right to review, alter and remove links if they do not meet our standards. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. Sponsored content will be labeled as such within the body of the page or post.

If you have questions on how to improve SEO optimization, please contact the HR Cloud blog editor at Our core team will send you the reply email within one business day. Please note that as per the rule, Marifilmines has full occupancy of the published content. For this reason, we always teach our writers new types of content development technology. You can submit your final draft copy of the content to our editorial team for review. Our editorial team holds all the rights to approve or reject the content.

Submissions must meet HRMorning’s quality standards in order to get published. I need writers who actually know what they’re talking about. We create current, relevant, in-depth content for marketing agencies and SEO agencies in the HR space.

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