9 Writing Tools to Increase Your Productivity as a Blogger

Can’t help but zero in on every grammatical error you see? Analyzing ads in public to figure out if you could write it better? Fighting the urge to red-pen any document that comes in front of you? Yep – if you’re guilty of these then it’s a serious tell-tale sign that… It may seem counter-intuitive, but nothing concentrates the mind like a truly pressing deadline. It’ll also help you with many of the points above — over-researching and reporting, and writing overlong will all be curtailed if you simply don’t have the time left for it.

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However, it is completely different from Asana. Once connected, you are able to automate each method, which eases workflow. As an example, you or your team can schedule and publish blog posts directly from Zapier. The good part of this platform is that it is compatible with several popular applications. Like most productivity applications, you require a subscription to get the most out of this software. Also, there are various types of subscriptions to choose from, depending on your needs.

Of all the things you write today, choose one — just one — and really focus on the words you’re using. When it comes to finding writing gigs, there are a million places to choose from. You might be looking for a WordGigs review and trying to figure out whether you should go through the application process to become a freelance writer for their site. This blog is full of useful information and reviews on a wide variety of productivity-increasing techniques.

After some reflection, you can review each draft and make improvements. Pocket gives you the chance to organize all your content by adding categories and tags. Writing content is mostly a rewarding activity for writers.

Once you’re thinking like that, you’re on track to becoming as prolific a writer as some of the best. Once you begin to really enjoy expressing your thoughts through writing, the “just get started” challenge stops being such a hurdle. Suddenly, it’s a means to an end — a necessary step in a rewarding process.

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