50 High-Paying Sites That Pay You to Write Get Paid to Write

Even once the agreement has been signed there is no guarantee that your work will be published and that you will be paid for it. We reserve the right to edit and amend the content of the article, this includes a full review of all links and references. With thousands of readers visiting The Rediscovery of Me every month, writing for us is a rewarding process. You will actively be working to improve the lives of other people. Don’t be surprised if you get feedback from readers telling you this.

They always prefer a piece with original reporting and analysis, but they will also consider commentary. The compensation is $55 for original feature articles and $27.50 for reprints. Your article needs to be between 1000 and 1500 words in length. The payment goes through PayPal, 30 days after the publication date. You would need to check the writers’ guidelines page to learn all about crafting a perfect pitch.

You can write articles at your leisure and schedule the article to automatically post on the morning of your publishing date. This is not just any travel blog, but rather, a well-established online magazine with top-quality content about travel and adventure. They are always looking for the next hot story so feel free to submit your article that’s around 800 words long. Your article needs to be in the 1000 to 2000 words range. Make sure it’s formatted well and is written in a conversational style. I’m afraid that this is a female-writer-only entry on this list.

Money Pantry is a well-known personal finance blog that usually covers money-related topics and ways to earn and save money. You may not receive instant payment, but you’ll be a part of a long tradition of touching stories once published. The only drawback of the publication is you must wait several months or even years to get your write-up published in the book.

We highly suggest contributing to the site if you have a few rough ideas or write-ups related to a holistic approach with a purely Christian perspective. You can refer to their submission guidelines and previously published articles. Since the website is unlike your regular travel blog, the article needs to follow a particular writing style to get published. Wealthy Sound is hiring a team of 5 writers to create articles for We’re looking for people with experience producing or mixing music in any type and genre. We do not post infographics, slideshows, or “re-blogged” content.

You need to have a lot of experience with photo editing to write for them. They will either accept it and send you $100 through PayPal or reject it and ask you to give it another try. Editors here say that all you need to get started is an excellent knowledge of English and a good sense of humor.

You have to explain why you’re qualified and include a short brief. Read the kind of writing the website/magazine publishes and get acquainted with their writing style. Websites accept articles that follow their style. It is always advisable to study their style guide and extensively go through their website to get a feel of their technique. However, there are some websites like One Story that do not require you to follow a particular style. OCM features stories of regional interest, written in a clear script style, that is rich in anecdotes and quotes.

The company’s library is hosted on Github and is maintained under doc-as-code-methodology. They are looking for writers with technical knowledge of topics such as, game servers, NoSQL databases, open change, and webRTC. This opportunity is available for legal US citizens located anywhere in the world. This is a freelance writing gig and, if selected, you will be an independent contractor and you will receive a 1099 tax form (for earnings over $600) from Paypal. We have so much information we want to share and not enough time to write it all!

They like to cover topics such as mind science, mental health, and meditation studies as well as stories about how meditation has improved people’s lives. To pitch to Headspace, send an email with the subject “ADW”. They pay approximately $150-$300 depending on the content. Your kindness is not taken for granted and we value your contributions. You don’t think you’re capable of writing long list articles like Cracked is famous for? We’ve done quick insights into current events and pop culture, we’ve done comics, video reviews and more.

Maybe you have a blog already, maybe you just make your friends laugh around the water cooler, or maybe you’re the funny guy on a message board. Maybe you’re considered one of the great novelists of your era. Doesn’t matter, you all start off on equal footing with us. Once you’re in, we’ll show you how to do everything — we have an editorial staff who will work with you directly.

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