20 Best Legal Writing Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2023

Our team of writers and editors is excellent with the required expertise and skills. You will have readers some of which can be lawyers who are finding your niche useful and effective for them. This will help to generate a lot of fan-following in your community.

Now, once you’ve compiled enough information about your topic to start writing the blog post, the most efficient use of your time is to outline the points you want to include and flesh it out from there. There are many options available for keywords and phrases once you start planning, so prioritize the ones that are most specific to your firm, your blog post, and best match the needs of your ideal client. A relevant and educational blog post should answer a question that your potential clients might have.

You will even be able to customize your guest post service according to your need. We share each lawyer and legal blog article on our social media accounts, allowing your guest post to gain substantial exposure. For law and legal companies, guest blogging may be a terrific strategy to gain awareness. The ideal guest post can enhance the website’s engagement. You certainly do not want a poorly written blog to tarnish your website’s reputation.

However, the legal material you give should be beneficial to the reader. It will be of great assistance if you write it in blog format and problem-solving format. You may cover any law-related topic that fits your convenience (you’ll need to pitch us the topic before you begin writing and also provide us with convincing arguments why it would benefit the audience).

Submission of post does not necessarily guarantee publication. The length of your article should be at least 600 – 2000 words. Our editorial team has to right to revise your article.

Contributors ensures reporting comes from varying perspectives in an array of legal disciplines, from business and marketing to software. Organize and simplify your firm’s client intake process. Once accepted and also submitted to us, you have no right to host the short article on any other online platform.

You will surely get way too much popular with these blogs. These posts are focused on tips that help lawyers achieve quick wins, and help people master specific tactics and technologies in the running of their practices. These are often “lists”, or “how-tos”, or “10 Ideas for….”, or “5 Steps to….”. We have a zero-tolerance policy for duplicate and spun content.

Nothing will undermine your position of authority in the industry faster than a piece littered with grammatical errors or incorrect information. Be sure to check your sources, double check your grammar, and give your blog post a few final reads before publishing. Take this example from a blog article on the John Gomez Trial Attorneys Website. With a full blog post in hand, you’re almost at the finish line. The optimal length of a blog post depends on the topic, but for SEO ranking purposes, you’ll want to aim for roughly 2,500 words. This blog post was repurposed by creating graphics and sharing to Instagram, which also drives traffic back to the blog by linking it in the bio.

You have to go through the proper channels to get clearance for the article topic that you want to write about. Therefore, please submit your ideas for guest posts first. Ensure that, as you flesh out the details and expand your blog post, you keep it skimmable. The University of Florida Levin College of Law is a law school dedicated to advancing human dignity, social welfare, and justice through knowledge of the law. This section of our blog features articles that have to do exclusively with Legal writing. Lowering the Bar is a legal-humor website that provides and comments on weird news with some relationship to civil or criminal law.

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